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Peregrine Casualty

Unfortunately, one of this year’s young peregrines died earlier this week following a collision with a building. The female PCA was found near Sainsburys, Ings Road and was cared for by Jean Thorpe, of Ryedale Wildlife Rehabilitation. PCA was examined … Continue reading

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Peregrine Chicks, 2017

The peregrines on Wakefield Cathedral have been incubating four eggs for almost five weeks. The first hatching was expected on Tuesday, 2nd May, 34 days after the laying of the third egg. On Tuesday afternoon, it was clear that something … Continue reading

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Darvic rings fitted to the peregrines

During the previous ringing of the peregrine chicks it wasn’t possible to fit the Darvic rings due to a fault with them and so tonight, again with the aid of licensed bird ringers, the Darvic rings were fitted. The Darvic … Continue reading

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Peregrine chicks ringed

In order to keep track of our young peregrines and find out where they head off to in the future, the chicks were today ringed by licensed and experienced bird ringers from the mid-Derby Ringing Group. This involved taking the … Continue reading

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Peregrine watch proves successful

Sunday shoppers were enthralled at the sight of wild peregrines high up on the cathedral during this morning’s peregrine watch organised by Francis. People were actually gasping and squealing with delight as they looked through telescopes for the first time … Continue reading

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Peregrine prey remains

I went up onto the tower in mid-January and found that mounds of bird remains had accumulated at the base of the spire, below the favourite perches of the two peregrines. I would estimate that feral pigeons accounted for half … Continue reading

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Peregrine watching in Wakefield

I went into Wakefield to check on the peregrines this morning. I planned to go in early to catch them feeding but I waited for the mist to clear and I got there at about 8:30. I found two peregrines on … Continue reading

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Wakefield cathedral peregrine update

This morning two peregrines were sitting next to each other high on the cathedral spire. One bird was obviously larger than the other and must have been a female. The horizontal barring on the larger bird indicated that it was an … Continue reading

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