Privacy Policy

GDPRaaargh! We’ve all heard of it by now and had a gazillion emails asking us to re-subscribe, or not, to many different things. GDPR relates to data protection and what details we keep of you (the members), how we store it and how we use it. It is incumbent on all parties that keep personal data to protect it securely and to prevent unauthorised use of it. That’s the law now.

So, how does this affect The Wakefield Naturalists’ Society? Well, we aren’t legal eagles and we don’t know all the ins and outs but in the main, be assured we don’t keep that much data about our members – it’s basically names, addresses, emails and a phone number. We use this information to communicate with you on a very infrequent basis. Having your email addresses allows us to quickly send out the AGM agenda and copies of the financials, a notification if, for example, the date of a meeting gets changed or a field meeting is likely to be cancelled due to inclement weather or war breaking out! We also put this type of information on the website to keep you informed but we’d never send it by snail mail to your home address. You can see, therefore, that we just keep your basic information and, because you pay us an annual subscription to be a member of our fantastic and friendly Society, we are assuming you accept that we need this data and that you trust us to use it wisely and that you also want to be informed of any changes that might affect you. In return for you accepting our holding your data, we promise the following

  • we will not share your email internally within the Society or externally with third parties
  • we will not send unsolicited emails, only information that directly affects the running of the Society
  • You can ask us not to send you anything ever and we will remove you from any mailing list tout suit.
  • Should you decide to leave the Society, we will delete all your data, permanently

We keep the data safe and secure and only the Secretary and a designated Trust member holds the details. No-one else in the Society has access to it, not even the president!

This policy is our privacy policy and we hope that it assures you that we take GDPR seriously and that any data we hold on you will be safe, secure and used sensibly. Should you wish to have your data removed, simply contact one of the elected officers whose details can all be found on your programme card