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Peregrine – sparrowhawk size comparison

Colin sent in these images of the peregrine specimen alongside a mounted specimen of a male sparrowhawk for size comparison. Our peregrine is a juvenile female of course and in all birds of prey, the female is substantially larger than … Continue reading

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Wakefield peregrine taxidermy unveiled

You may recall that one of the three juvenile peregrine falcons raised on the spire of Wakefield Cathedral unfortunately flew into a glass bus stop near Westgate station and killed itself not long after fledging. One of the railway workers … Continue reading

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News: Great Northern Diver on Cawoods Pool

There is a great northern diver on the water behind the Swan & Cygnet pub for those who’d like to see this irregular visitor to Wakefield.

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Peregrine approve of the new nest box

The male peregrine has been using the new nest box regularly and seems to have given it his seal of approval, This all bodes well for the 2016 season after this year’s amazing breeding success story.

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