Roach Lime Hills, Garforth

Tuesday was a dull morning for our last wildflower walk of the season. However, the track leading to Roach Lime Hills was still verdant and lined with wild arum, creeping cinquefoil, welted and creeping thistle, rosebay and greater willow-herb.  Turning left onto the limestone meadow, betony, field scabious, lady’s bedstraw, spiny rest-harrow and quantities of beautiful, blue clustered bellflowers greeted us.  Further along the path clusters of tiny eyebright nestled alongside weld, musk thistle, carline thistle, greater knapweed and agrimony. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust are now managing this site and have fenced off the actual hill to allow some recovery but we were still able to look over to see harebells, common rock-rose, betony, fairy flax, thyme and self-heal so still plenty of flowers to see.  Turning back and to the right swaying marjoram encircled a mass of corn mint and red bartsia, Roach Lime Hill is a lovely little site and well worth a visit.

Carline thistle

Carline thistle (Lesley Taylor)

Spiny restharrow

Spiny restharrow (Lesley Taylor)