Peregrine Chicks hatched

The peregrines have nested successfully again and we now have three chicks in the Wakefield Cathedral box! Two hatched between 22:30 and 23:45 on 3rd May and the third, between 14:00 and 15:00 on 4th May. We will add some images very shortly. The project to get live streaming is well under way, with minor issues still to sort, but we hope to have the feed online very shortly..

Wakefield cathedral peregrine update

This morning two peregrines were sitting next to each other high on the cathedral spire. One bird was obviously larger than the other and must have been a female. The horizontal barring on the larger bird indicated that it was an adult. Over the next hour, peregrines took to the air occasionally and flew around the spire. During a flight by the larger bird, a third peregrine appeared and followed it as it flew past the cathedral. On one of the crockets, where the smaller bird had sat for some time, a prey item had been stashed and could be seen protruding from the crocket.

This presence of more than one peregrine is a promising sign and it will be interesting to watch for signs of interest in the nesting platform in the coming months.

Love is in the air!

I heard on the grapevine that two peregrines, male and female, were seen on Wakefield cathedral today and they were there for at least an hour. Let’s hope this is a sign that our male has finally found a mate. However, there’s no time for romance, they need to get down to business as it seems that most other peregrine projects that are being monitored show that eggs are already laid!