Sparrow Box Soap Opera

blue tit

Some day we will get it right for the birds!

First we put up a blue tit box and sparrows nested in it, so we replaced it with a sparrow terrace with three nest holes and the blue tits nested in it.

Now the blue tits are sub-letting to a group of wrens.

As I went to make our morning cuppa, passing the back door something caught my eye, I looked out at the sparrow box and in the half light could see a little head appear from hole number one. I was amazed to see a wren fly out and it was quickly followed by three more, they had obviously been using it as an overnight roost.

We had spotted a wren yesterday coming out of hole number three, while at the same time a blue tit was taking great interest in hole number one. Another blue tit attempted to investigate the middle hole but the one at hole one in no uncertain terms let it know it wasn’t welcome, although it didn’t seem bothered by the wren.


We watched three wrens this evening. One popped in the middle hole then joined the other two in hole one.

It would be lovely to think that we could have blue tit and wren making a nest in the terrace this Spring and a bonus would be a sparrow in the middle. Well, who knows what will happen with these contrary birds!

Barbara Bell

Hedgehog Activity

We have seen hedgehogs in the garden recently and I thought it would be a good idea to provide a home for one. Some years ago, I made a hedgehog house using wood. It was a large box with a tunnel for an entrance and it was successful. This time, I went for a much easier and very cheap option.

I found a very large plastic plant pot in the garden and I thought that this would make a good home for a hedgehog if tipped upside down. The only modification needed was the cutting of a hole in the side to provide an entrance. Once this was done, I filled the pot with straw and put it in a corner of the garden. From that day, whenever I did any pruning I used some of the clippings to cover the pot. The clippings would insulate it, preventing the temperature from changing too rapidly. Shrubs would provide shading from the sun during summer. The only expense was for a bag of straw from the local pet-shop.

You might expect hedgehogs to be hibernating in December but it has been mild recently and I had noticed that the straw at the entrance had been disturbed so I put out the trailcam last night. The camera captured video of a hedgehog returning to the house early this morning but there was no film of it leaving earlier in the night, so it must have been moving between residences.