Curlew still at Altofts Meadow

A visit to Altofts Meadow to check if the curlews were still present, as Pauline had previously reported, reaped rewards with 44 curlew, 66 lapwing, 3 common buzzards in the air together then the highlight of the morning, a pair of peregrine with the female carrying a ‘kill’, both then landed on the flood bank to the RIver Calder. Throughout the morning skylarks were calling over head moving south with numerous groups of woodpigeon moving south high up.

Field Meeting: Anglers to Walton species list

A good turnout for the first meeting of the summer(!) and the group took a steady circular walk from Anglers down to Walton Hall and back pausing to look at the flowers and insects en route and an even longer pause at the golfer’s tea shack :¬) Here is a list of the species noted as we walked round and a picture of the crew at the pit stop.

  • Insects noted
    Green Longhorn (Adela reaumurella)
    10-Spot Ladybird (Adalia 10-punctata)
  • Spring warblers noted
    Willow Warbler

Sue Gaynor was species recorder on the meeting and we will upload a full list shortly. Here are a few more pictures to be going on with.

red campion

Bulbous Buttercup
Bush Vetch
Cow Parsley
Creeping Buttercup
Cuckoo Pint
Cut-leaved Cranesbill
Dog’s Mercury
Germander Speedwell
Greater Stitchwort
Green Alkanet
Common Comfrey
Ground Ivy
Hairy Bittercress
Hairy Chickweed
Hedge Mustard
Herb Robert
Pignut (tasty)
Red Campion
Shepherd’s Purse
Smooth Sow-thistle
Great Spotted Woodpecker
St Mark’s Fly
Adela reaumurella (type of long horned moth)
Solitary Wasp
Cream streaked ladybird
Peacock Butterfly
Green Veined White
Speckled Wood
Orange Tip