Wormstall Woods, Ledsham – Wildflower walk

A chill wind caught us as we walked up the sloping track brightened by dog’s-mercury, cuckoo pint, white dead-nettle and a clump of hairy violet. We stopped to admire clumps of goldilocks buttercups amongst the celandine, up in the woodland we began to focus on tiny common dog violets with their pale, notched spur nestling amongst the dried autumn leaves.

Climbing up the path further into the woodland early dog violet, with its dark unnotched spur became more prevalent among large patches of anemone, their flowers closed waiting for the sun to come through.  Early purple orchid was well in flower alongside sanicle and bluebells.  Bushes of spurge laurel had finished flowering.  We carried on through the wood until we came to a stile to take us back down onto the footpath through the meadow, the sun was out by this time and orange-tip, peacock and tortoiseshell butterflies enjoyed the ground ivy, red dead-nettle and celandine on the edge of the woodland, with a variety of bees including bee fly. Walking back towards the track we saw butterbur, shepherd’s purse, slender speedwell, germander speedwell,  wood speedwell and crosswort……a good morning’s walk.

As the sun was warming up nicely we decided to take a look on the other side of the road at Ledsham vale and were well rewarded by the beautiful pasque flower in full bloom, the best we had seen it for many a year.

wild violets

wild violets

2 thoughts on “Wormstall Woods, Ledsham – Wildflower walk

    • Hi Kevin

      Yes this was Bombylius major which seemed to appear locally about two years ago. I know they’ve been regulalry seen at Wintersett but as yet, I haven’t seen one in Wakefield, only in France. I don’t think it was near bumblebee nests, just seen feeding on nectar. I understand it is an insect spreading northwards.

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