Newmillerdam Fungi

Please note that all names given to fungi in this post are merely suggestions!

I took a walk in the woods at Newmillerdam yesterday and made further efforts to identify a few fungi. My first sighting was of an attractive white fungus growing on the end of a log.

Ossicaulis lignatilis

Ossicaulis lignatilis

I’ve struggled to get an ID for this one and I’ve narrowed it down to Ossicaulis lignatilis or Panellus mitis. Panellus seems to prefer twigs, so I’m going with Ossicaulis for the moment.

The next fungus that I saw was the artist’s bracket (Ganoderma applanatum).

Artist's Bracket

Artist’s Bracket

The name doesn’t have an obvious meaning until you find that scraping the white pores on the underside of the bracket leaves a brown mark. In other words, you can draw a picture and this will remain for a long time. These fungi drop a lot of rust-coloured spores.

There were many yellow-capped fungi with white gills and stems.


I believe that these were probably the common yellow russula (Russula ochroleuca).

I also spotted a fungus which had a red cap and stem but distinctive yellow gills.

Plums and Custard

Plums and Custard

I have decided that this is plums and custard (Tricholomopsis rutilans).

Towards the end of the walk, I found clumps of a fungus which had a fairly distinctive appearance.

Redleg Toughshank

Redleg Toughshank

My best estimate for this one is that it is redleg toughshank (Collybia erythropus). The only thing which makes me doubt this identification is the obvious funnel shape to the caps.

I saw many other fungi, some of which seemed to be quite distinctive at the time, but it is going to take a while for me to beging to work out what they might be. I spotted two boletus, one with yellow pores which didn’t bruise and one with yellow pores which bruised blue, but I can’t be confident about names for them. The one which didn’t bruise had a particularly dark cap.




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