The live streaming of the peregrines is finally here!!!

After a great deal of hard work from a few very dedicated individuals, the live webcam feed is finally here. You can now enjoy amazing live images of the four peregrine chicks and follow their development in the nest. This is live footage from a webcam inside the nestbox and is recording in real time  so, please do not be offended if you tune in just as dinner is served to the four hungry mouths!

To see the webcam, go to the peregrine pages from the menu bar or click HERE

9 thoughts on “The live streaming of the peregrines is finally here!!!

    • Well done been watching sheffield peregrins for years can watch wakefield now …believe the cock bird is from a sheffield clutch two years ago ?

      • Yes, he was ringed at St. George’s Church on 16th May, 2014 and the remarkable thing is that he raised 3 young in 2015, when he was only one year old and still in uvenile plumage.

  1. Catching the the peregrines flying high over Wakefield is just magical. Seeing the chicks like this makes the experience complete! Thankyou all concerned ?

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  3. Brilliant to watch nature at it’s best Your efforts have put Wakefield on the Nature Premier League .Congratulations to all concerned

  4. Just wonderfull to see the new generation of birds to fly are sky’s. Enjoyed watching the pigeon being served to the chicks. Was a bit concerned about one chick being left out tho but it got some in the end. Love to have sound too tho.

  5. I’m just wondering whether you sexed the chicks are they male or female? I cant see any reference to that.

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