Web Cam

Please note that the images being streamed from the camera are live and uncensored. This means that you might see footage of live prey being brought into the nest.

For difficulties encountered when viewing the live stream, see below.

The nestbox.

The view along the wall above the nestbox.

If you enjoy watching the webcam, please consider helping financially by making a donation. This can be done very easily online using MyDonate. It costs approximately £1500 per year to maintain streaming of the video.

We would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their generous financial and technical help:

In memory of Brian White who passed away in April 2017.

He loved everything to do with nature.

Problems Viewing the Camera?

The following link might be particularly relevant to those who have viewed the live stream previously but now encounter problems. The streaming company, Streamdays, has made changes to the way in which it sends the video to you as the internet moves towards the use of HTML5.

Streamdays blog entry

The first thing that you should try after encountering a problem is to “refresh” the page.

It is important to use the correct browser. If you find that you cannot view the camera, try a different browser. For example, users of android devices can use the built-in browser called “Internet”, or you can try installing and using Firefox. If using a desktop or latop computer, browsers to try are Chrome, Firefox and Puffin.

Please note that we do not have IT specialists at Wakefield Naturalists’ Society, so we are not able to give detailed advice relating to the use of your device(s).