Excitement at Altofts

A lot of fuss in the sky attracted my attention and there were four lapwings mobbing a red kite! (And it was on the Wakefield side of the M62,- tho’ only just!).Red kite

I also heard skylark singing, saw a small tortoiseshell, a pair of yellowhammers and a substantial patch of butterbur . All this along the canal at Altofts this afternoon.

Common butterbur (Petasites hybridus)

2 thoughts on “Excitement at Altofts

  1. I saw a Red Kite over the M62 near to Wakefield on Wednesday 5th July 2017. Quiet a treat but a bit distracting when you are driving!

    • They’re getting increasingly common. We’ve had a couple of sightings of red kite over Wakefield city centre and I had a report of one over Ackworth last week. I think they are going to become very familiar birds during the next ten years. Thank you for the report.

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