Sparrowhawk on the Westgate run!

Viv Owen, an artist who has a studio on Westgate, sent me a note to say she has been watching a visitor to the fire escape metal works who had been there for most of the day. This new visitor came to her attention because all the pigeons that frequent the rooftops of her Westgate studio and other buildings, had completely disappeared and were noted by their absence! When I saw the photos she’d sent me, I was not surprised the pigeons had made a rapid exit, the bird in question was a large female sparrowhawk.

I’m hoping Viv is going to text me to say it is still there when she next visits her studio, I will be off like a shot to try and get a photo but in the meantime, here are a few that Viv captured of this magnificent visitor to the city.Click here for Viv’s website

 Goshawk in WakefieldGoshawk in Wakefield

3 thoughts on “Sparrowhawk on the Westgate run!

  1. Wasn’t there a story in the Wakefield Express last year about a nesting box put on the Cathedral for the Sparrow hawks?

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