Juvenile Peregrine Fatality

Unfortunately, I received some sad news today from Mick Price of the Sorby Breck Ringing Group. Mick was one of the people who ringed our young falcons earlier this year. He reported that 3Z – one of the young males – was found dead beneath some overhead wires on a farm near Ripon in North Yorkshire on the 22nd September. It was found 56 km north of the cathedral, 124 days after it was ringed. It is believed that it was carrying prey because a dead golden plover was found with it.

Although this is disappointing, it is good to have some feedback about the fates of our birds as a result of the ringing. Mortality for young birds is high during their first year and it is quite normal for 50% or more to die. I’m sure that the darvic rings will lead to us receiving some more positive news before too long.

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