May field Meeting: Rabbit Ings

Despite blustery, cold conditions more reminiscent of November than early May, we had a good walk around Rabbit Ings, Royston. This was the first visit we have made to this site as a group and, given warmer conditions, I think we would have notched up a few more species than we did. It was remarkable that we managed any butterflies at all!  Here is a list of what we saw, compiled by Sue Gaynor.


creeping buttercup, common vetch, salad burnet, ribwort plantain, red campion, broom, birds-foot trefoil, black medick, greater stitchwort, comfrey, green alkanet, celery-leaved buttercup, forget-me-not, common mouse-ear, charlock, common field speedwell, sheep sorrel, hairy tare


wren, blackcap, whitethroat, reed bunting, redshank (flying over), common swift, kestrel, cuckoo (1 calling), great tit, skylark, willow warbler, sand martin (1)


dingy skipper (1), small copper (2)

Dingy Skipper

Dingy Skipper


sloe bug (hairy shield bug)

Richard Bell created this excellent short video of our walk and it will certainly give you a feel for the wind we encountered!

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