Buzzards on the move

A few years ago, buzzard would have been a remarkable sighting in Wakefield but now it is a common place bird. Today though, it became a garden tick for me while doing a bit of pruning. Overhead I heard a buzzard call and eventually I located it high above, gliding on thermals towards Wintersett. Then I realised there were at least 6 individuals going over, one of them quite low over the houses. Autumn migration in action!

common buzzard

common buzzard


1 thought on “Buzzards on the move

  1. I have been siting two Buzzards in the fields bellow Clarke Hall and Stanley Hall daily for more than two weeks.
    The fields they are interested in are set aside for phase one of the Wake. North east development , with a good rodent population. In the two weeks I’ve had a Merlin and Kestrel over the same area as well.
    With rats breeding all year round , and the mild weather , they could be around for some time.

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