Wrenthorpe Park wildflowers

Tuesday was a very hot morning for a walk around the balancing ponds in Wrenthorpe Park. Wildflowers sown in an empty flower bed gave us a fine display of poppies, cornflowers, bistort, yarrow and red leg.  Purple loosestrife, goat’s rue, greater willowherb and meadowsweet grew prolifically in the damp ground around the pond.  Water plantain grew delicately amongst the burr-reed and reed mace at the edge of the pond.  Small skipper butterflies, small tortoiseshells and meadow browns were busy as we moved along the edge of the meadow and across the stream to see both hedge and marsh woundwort, common valerian, common hemp nettle and gelder rose.  Workmen were cutting the grass in the meadow areas so we were fortunate to see what we did.                                                                                                                  

common valerian

common valerian

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