Wildflower walk at Brockadale

The car park area on Ley Lane was so full of beautiful meadow crane’s bill, small-flowered crane’s bill, white campion, dropwort and creeping cinquefoil that it took a while for the group to progress onto the track to the left of the car park leading to the woods.  Rosebay willowherb, nipplewort, tufted vetch, meadow vetchling, black horehound, red campion, welted thistle, hedge bedstraw and field scabious were all in full flower along the track. As we stopped to look at soldier beetles covering a large hemlock an upright hedge parsley was identified amongst the cow parsley.   Enchanter’s nightshade, wood avens and honeysuckle brightened the shade of the woodland and its very muddy track; our walk brought us into the meadow where the hogweed was attracting large numbers of marbled white, small skippers and dark green fritillaries.  After resting on the bench we were able to enjoy other meadow flowers – common centaury, eye bright, fairy flax and clustered bellflower before returning along the track.

dropwort (Filipendula vulgaris)

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