Wildflower group walk: Stanley Ferry Flash

As we set off the morning was coolish but promised warmth later and, heading along the tow path, we saw ribwort plantain, shepherd’s purse, creeping buttercup, sticky mouse-ear, germander speedwell and a lovely patch of common stork’s-bill by the lock gate. Turning right onto the marsh we heard lots of birdsong, including chiffchaff, willow warbler and great tit.

Just over the wooden bridge at the edge of the meadow we came across some fine red campion, the meadow was full of lady’s smock, marsh horsetail, common vetch and meadow buttercup (just coming out).  The cowslips were coming to an end but great burnet and meadowsweet were in leaf.  Coming onto the path we spotted a clump of bulbous buttercup then emerging into the field a beautiful display of sun spurge, field speedwell, ground ivy and a few greater stitchwort.

At this time last year marsh marigold was easy to find but this year we had to search along the water edges but eventually found a clump coming to its end on the far side of the lake, with a patch of bush vetch nearby.  At the end of another enjoyable walk the warmth had brought out a number of orange tip butterflies.

red campion (photo: Lesley Taylor)

red campion

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