Treecreeper feeding on fatballs

At Crigglestone on 15th April, a treecreeper was clinging to a fat ball feeder hanging against the tree trunk and feeding on the fat balls. When it had finished feeding, if flew down to the bottom of the trunk and climbed up before flying off.

Correction: The peak of 11 tree sparrow pairs was in 1966, not 1968. They were down to a single pair in 1968!


Tree sparrows passing through Crigglestone

A pair of tree sparrows came to my feeders in Crigglestone from 26-29 March 2015, but they moved on. I used to have a breeding colony in my nest boxes from 1958-1968, which peaked at 10 pairs in 1964 and 11 in 1968.Corn bunting, cuckoo, green woodpecker, grey partridge, kestrel, linnet, skylark, spotted flycatcher, tawny owl, yellowhammer, whitethroat and willow tit were also heard and seen here in the breeding season in those days.Male and female sparrowhawks now follow birds into the feeder tree from time to time.Greenfinches were absent during the winter, but a male and two females have been coming to the feeders since 6 April and 2 peacock butterflies were in the garden on 7 April.

Tree sparrows at a feeder

Tree sparrows at a feeder