Peregrines tread carefully.

Peregrines are equipped with sharp talons and they can, occasionally, cause damage to an egg as they step into or out of the nest scrape. To reduce the chance of this happening, the birds move very carefully , particularly when settling down on the eggs. In addition, they instinctively curl their toes to put the talons out of harm’s way.

Egg care 1

Egg care 2

First peregrine photos from inside the nestbox

Francis has just sent one of the first images we’ve seen of the peregrine inside the nestbox – a major milestone in the Wakefield peregrine project! The camera was installed over the Christmas period and is currently recording images 24×7 and sending them to a DVR unit in the bell ringing tower. Ultimately, these images will be streamed live to the internet so that we can all watch the peregrines live in the nestbox. There is no doubt these are exciting times.

Wakefield cathedral peregrine

Wakefield cathedral peregrine inside the nestbox and looking at the camera in a suspicious manner!